Simple Flower Doodles: Step By Step Tutorial For Art Journaling Beginners(Part 2)

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you all are safe and happy. So welcome back to my webpage. I am Kimaya and today we are going to discuss Simple Flower Doodles:Step By Step Tutorial For Art Journaling Beginners.

Let’s Start…

Simple flower doodles – step by step

Now that we have covered some basic things, let’s dive into doodling those lovely flowers for your art journal.

I’ll share how to doodle existing flowers, but also more abstract ones from your imagination. These are my favorite.

How to draw a simple rose

Roses are fantastic for doodling. And believe me, they’re easy to draw.

Step 1. Draw a circle.

Step 2. Start adding lines towards the center. Look at the picture below.

Step 3. Finally, add some leaves for more interest.

How to draw a tulip?

Doodling tulips are also just a few lines.

Step 1. Draw an oval shape.

Step 2. Draw curvy lines on each side of the shape, and meet them at the bottom. This will be the petals.

Step 3. Add the top of the petals on each side and the one in the middle.

Step 4. Finally, add a curvy stem.

How to draw a daisy?

I love daisies. Especially because they’re so easy to draw. Also, they look cute in a bouquet.

Step 1. Draw two circles, one for the pistil, and a bigger one for the petals.

Step 2. Draw small circles within the pistil, to give it dimension. Remember how we talked about adding dimension to this?

Step 3. Start adding petals within the bigger circle. Try to hide the last two petals on each side of the daisy, so they look like they’re behind. To make it even more dimension, add more petals on the back as in the drawing below.

Step 4. Finally, draw a curved stem.

How to draw a lavender?

They smell nice and they look lovely, too! Here’s how to draw one easily.

Step 1. Draw a curved stem.

Step 2. Start adding flowers, and try to be loose here. It’s just doodling, remember?

Step 3. Add some leaves at the bottom.

How to draw a cactus?

I love succulents. There’s something cute to them that I can’t even explain.

Step 1. Draw a pot. Any kind of pot will work. It can be just a rectangle shape.

Step 2. Draw the cactus shape. Make it a bit thinner at the bottom.

Step 3. Add the cactus “hand”, or two, it’s up to you.

Step 4. To give it more dimension, add horizontal loose lines and some thorns. A thorn can be a simple letter V.

Step 5. And finally, add a flower on top of the cactus.

How to draw a dandelion?

We’ve all blown these a thousand times. Is it just me or do they look amazingly romantic during a sunset?

Step 1. Draw two circles, one for the pistil and the other for the petals.

Step 2. Draw lines from the pistil to the outer circle line, but don’t make them all the same size.

Step 3. Add the U-shaped thingies with small circles on them. It kind of reminds me of a fork.

Step 4. Draw a curved stem.


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