Simple Flower Doodles: Step By Step Tutorial For Art Journaling Beginners

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you all are safe and happy. So welcome back to my webpage. I am Kimaya and today we are going to discuss Simple Flower Doodles: Step By Step Tutorial For Art Journaling Beginners.


Let’s Start…,

Do you want to draw flower doodles in your art journal, but sometimes don’t have any inspiration or ideas?

In order to get you going and inspire you, I’m sharing ideas on how to draw simple flower doodles so you can fill your art journal pages. And of course, have fun!

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Supplies you’ll need for doodling flowers

Doodling is the simplest thing to do in your art journal. That’s why you don’t need a bunch of supplies to start. And I’m sure you already have these in your stash.

I’m sharing what I use for my doodles.

Art journal/Paper/Notebook

I remember how I started doodling. In ancient times, when we had fixed phones and you could only use it in one place in the house, I would sit there and talk to my friends. It was awesome.

And I was doodling all the time. I would listen to my best talking about the guy she liked, and I drew all kinds of simple things on a scrap piece of paper.

Now, I have my art journals, and I use them for this purpose.

But, any kind of paper or notebook will serve you well here.


Sometimes I draw some things with a pencil first, so I feel more confident.

Later, I trace the lines with a pen.

You can use the pencil for shading your flowers, which is awesome.

Black waterproof pen with fine tips

I love black pens because black is neutral, but also bold enough to stand out. It creates a wonderful contrast on white paper.

Why waterproof?

Because waterproof pens don’t usually smudge. This is great for doodling because you move your hand a lot on the paper and don’t want to smear the ink.

Also, if you want to paint your flower doodles later, the pen will not smudge when you add paint. For me, this is priceless.

Things to have in mind when doodling flowers

Here are a few things I’d like you to consider when drawing simple flower doodles. They’re just tiny tips and ideas that can make a huge difference in your drawings.

Think about the pistil

I used to draw the pistil as a plain circle and that was it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they needed something more.

Now, I mostly draw pistils as a group of small circles or dots. This way, you add dimension to the flower.

Look at these. Which has more interest?

Another thing about the pistil. It’s not a perfect circle. It’s always crooked a bit. That’s what gives the flower dimension and interest.

So, forget about perfect symmetry or rules here. The less symmetrical, the more interesting it is

The lovely petals

Aren’t these the most beautiful parts of flowers?

And there are so many different ones that your drawings have no limits.

You can draw big round ones or thin, long petals, include only a few or layer a bunch of petals.

In order to add dimension, try drawing petals that overlap each other, rather than stick them next to each other. Layer them by drawing the ones on top, and add the ones below.

This means that some petals will be completely visible while others will only be partially visible. Isn’t that how we mostly see flowers?

The stem

The stem is the easiest to draw. It’s just a line or two.

However, one thing I’d like you to have in mind is to use curvy lines.

Curved lines are more interesting and dimensional than straight lines.

Look at the drawing below. Which one is more interesting?

You can draw the stem with one line only, but you could also draw it thicker if you want smaller stems growing from it.

Experiment with leaves

Leaves are also interesting to doodle. You can really be imaginative here.

They can be small or big, you can add lines or dots. No limits!

They can rest on the stem or just be behind the flower petals, hugging them from below or on the sides.

A great way to doodle leaves is by drawing floral wreaths. Doodling wreaths gives you limitless possibilities on using leaves and flowers. Just from your imagination. And it’s very easy to do. I explain how to doodle these later in the post.

Add dimension to your flower doodles

You can add dimension to your flower drawings in different ways.

First of all, as I already mentioned, use curvy lines. Straight, stuck-up lines are not that interesting to the eye.

Imagine some flowers that you love, are they all straight lines? I doubt it.

Next time when you doodle flowers, have this in mind. Draw curvy petals, stems, and leaves.

Another thing that adds dimension is drawing thin, short lines on the petals and leaves.

When you draw a petal, don’t leave it blank. Add some tiny lines here and there to make it more interesting.

Draw a circle/round shape first

An easy hack when drawing flowers is to first draw a round shape to outline the space for the pistil and the petals. It helps you stay in lines and the flower gets more dimension this way.

Here are some examples:



Stay Creative always

– Kimaya Kakade






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