Learn How to Sketch & Draw: Free Basic Drawing for Beginners(Part 2)

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you all are safe and happy. So welcome back to my webpage. I am Kimaya and today we are going to discuss Learn How to Sketch & Draw: Free Basic Drawing for Beginners.

Part1- Learn How to Sketch & Draw:Free Basic Drawing for Beginners(Part 1)

6.Learn how to sketch a tabby cat:-

How to Draw Animals show you how to draw a simple tabby cat that makes a great (and totally adorable) beginner sketch for putting what you learned above about animal fur to good use. You’ll also get practice shaping a facial structure that isn’t just the average human face.

7.Sketch trees step by step

Okay, so we know you’ve probably been drawing trees in some capacity since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, but now it’s time to make them look like the real thing! DragoArt guides you through the process of shading and angling that will help you create a wilderness scene as nice as this one.

8.Learn how to sketch a glass of water

If you’re really looking for a challenge when it comes to realistic drawing and reflections, then check out how Circle Line Art School suggests drawing a glass of water. It takes some practice, as it’s a little more complicated than the 2D version you might have drawn in primary school where the surface of the water was just a straight line, but you’ll feel as though your skill has greatly improved by the time you’re finished.

9.Draw a Magnolia

Magnolia flowers are absolutely stunning. Not only do they smell divine, but they also look absolutely gorgeous! The folks at Easy Drawing Guides are going to help you through the whole piece, starting with the stem, building up through the leaves, and then, finally the petals of these extraordinary flowers.

10.Draw Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous and we cannot wait to see them again. However, you need to keep in mind that they’re not the easiest to create. Thankfully, the folks at Easy Drawing Guides can help every step of the way, so if you’ll follow the guide you’ll manage to create a really cute drawing.


-Kimaya Kakade

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