Welcome to “mysketch Era ”


My name is Kimaya Sanjay Kakade, the owner & founder of this website.  I am from Bhiwandi(Thane). I am a blogger since 2020. I am a Bsc IT student, VFX artist, animator and Started journey of Digital marketing.


In this site, I will tell you all about art and creativity. We all have a creative artist inside us who was hiding in us. So, we just have to pull him/her out. Everyone thought drawing was very hard, but trust me, it’s a myth. Drawing is not hard it is very easy and relaxing. If you ask me then I will tell you how much I love art and guarantee that after visiting my website you will also start loving arts. Art is just not to draw and color. It is a feeling which we can’t express by words and can express through your art.

In my site, you can feel what art is, and also on my site I will tell you the reason for drawing a particular painting. I will also tell you about the drawing and the color of the painting step by step which will help you all in the drawing.

Art is of various types like painting, drawing, design, crafts, origami or paper folding art, etc., and can be done in different mediums. Here I will tell you about art, craft and origami art and tell you steps to make them.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Miss.Kimaya Kakade